Terms and Conditions




Please ensure that the following Terms and Conditions are read and Safety Instructions are followed to ensure safety during the event.


  1. . The Total Booking FEE must be paid 3 days before the your event date.

  2. There will be no refunds after the hired goods have been set up

  3. All deposits are non-refundable - Deposits are taken on bookings to hold your space, Remainder must be paid in full 3 days before your event date INSPIRE PARTY HIRE can commence setup only once full payments have been received. if no contact about full payment has been made 2 days prior then we will not turn up to the event and assume its cancelled. If we allow arrange for payment on the day it will have to be settle before we can proceed to offload the equipment. 

  4. No foods, drinks or chewing gum are to be allowed on or near the Wedding Stage Setup/Backdrops Sofa sets to avoid stains (Please note if any of our equipment is collected in a dirty condition then the person hiring it will incur a cleaning charge of £100)

  5. It is the responsibility of the person who is hiring our goods to ensure that all possible steps are taken to avoid injury or damage to the hired goods

  6. hirers or organizers must have insurance to cover any eventuality that could arise at the event, including injuries and accidents to the users. While we have public liability insurance and try to drill safety into our customers sadly we cannot guarantee against any accidents, it is the hirer or organizers responsibility to ensure that they have the required insurance cover.

  7. No refunds for venues lack of facilities. Please CHECK VENUES electric circuits to make sure power supplys are working and have enough power for powerful machines.

  8. Please give ensure we are located to nearby power points. also ensure we are under shelter if an outdoor event as if it rains we will be unable to setup. if we do decide to do an outdoor event and it rains and you did not provide shelter then we will have to stop service and pack up.

  9. Please inform us if there are steps onsite and free onsite parking

  10. please check with us or venues if our equipment  can fit through the doors and fire exits or lifts. we do not do venues with stairs/steps however please state how many or lifts alternatives to see if we can make your venue an exception.

  11. Customers must give accurate info in regards to the venue as if we turn up and there is an obstacle in our way then we may not be able to work around it and will not setup and no refund will be given.

  12. All necessary permissions required for the proposed event must be received by the hirer. All documentation pertaining to the hire, including public liability insurance must be obtained at the time of booking from INSPIRE PARTY HIRE. All copy of Certificating eg PAT testing/ Insurance/risk assessment must be made 7 days prior to your event. INSPIRE PARTY HIRE cannot except responsibility for our equipment not being allowed in your venues. 

  13. Do not switch off or remove any equipment that has been hired as safety and collection checks need to be done. The equipment must not be removed from the site without INSPIRE PARTY HIRE’S prior written consent.

  14. Food machines hire the higher is responsible for appropriate tables and positioning of the equipment. Most tables will take the weight of a slush machine. INSPIRE PARTY HIRE Staff will assess tables on arrival. If any indentation or mark or breaking of tables is caused, this is not the responsibility of INSPIRE PARTY HIRE. We strongly urge you to hire INSPIRE PARTY HIRE tables for the use of this equipment. INSPIRE PARTY HIRE cannot be held responsible if the hirer didn't arrange the appropriate equipment and damage is caused. Please check weight capacity of machine and tables you hire out.

  15. The slush machine normally takes approx 90 minutes to freeze. This can take longer on hot days if the machine is used outside approx 1-3hours. . INSPIRE PARTY HIRE cannot be held responsible if the slush takes longer to freeze. so please allow enough time in your booking.

  16. No alcohol to be added to the slush puppie machine as this can result in the product to spoil or damage our machine. Please request alcohol slush on booking so it can be prepared the right way. Do not touch or serve the slush your self unless instructed to by a member of the INSPIRE TEAM

  17. Cancellation due to bad weather such as snow, if we believe the weather is not suitable before we come out to the premises to setup then we can issue a full refund or a chance to rearrange the event date. This decision will not be taken lightly and although we want to bring the party and fun safety is paramount and we will not put anyone at risk. 

  18. We cannot be held responsible for the loss of any deposits on venue hire as a result of traffic. 

  19. INSPIRE PARTY HIRE cannot be held responsible for any damage caused in your home property or venues while setting up play equipment or machinery. It is the responsibility of the hirer to provide suitable access to equipment and parking.

  20. If we cannot gain entry into your premises/venue for whatever reason the deposit will be taken and no refunds given. Please allow time for our Inspire Party team to set up and collect from the venue/premises. We are not liable for charges from venue if time elapses and fees occur.

  21. Any obstacles that could prevent us from delivering goods must be stated to us during booking

  22. INSPIRE PARTY HIRE reserves the right to not deliver equipment if it's in breach of health and safety and is deemed to be unsafe for our staff to gain access to the venue will result in us canceling with no refunds. We do not carry heavy equipment up flight's of stairs you will not be entitled to a refund if you do not do the necessary checks before booking us!

  23. The hirer agrees to insure the equipment against loss, damage or theft at their own expense for the duration of hire. The hirer also agrees to provide adequate security for the hired equipment for the duration of hire.

  24. The title to all hired equipment remains the property of INSPIRE PARTY HIRE

  25. The equipment must not be modified, added to, adapted, altered or interfered with in any other way while under contract.

  26. The hirer must notify INSPIRE PARTY HIRE immediately in the event of any loss, theft or damage.

  27. Traffic - In the event of a delayed start or collection due to Traffic - The INSPIRE PARTY HIRE team can and will not be responsible for delayed start to any event if we are held up in traffic. if your hall hire times allow then we will stay the duration of the package time so you will not loose the package time of what you paid. You will be notified by a phone call if we run late

  28. if we have to cancel a booking you will be notify you with atleast 7 days notice. A full refund will be given within 14 days

  29. In the event of technical failures regarding the hired machines inspire party hire will always try to replace faulty machines. With no additional cost to you. If a replacement is not available then Inspire party hire hold the right to issue a refund a portion for the faulty machine within the package.

  30. INSPIRE PARTY HIRE has the right not to refund the hirer if the equipment hired does not fit in the desired area. The hirer takes full responsibility for or the measurements and the access to any venue.

  31. The equipment must not be sprayed with water from water pistols or hose pipes. 

  32. All first aid equipment is the responsibility of the hirer.

  33. The hirer must be aware that certain equipment should not be used in windy or wet condition

  34. Any damage to the equipment will be charged in full to the person hiring it. You will be charged for the repair and any loss of money's on a daily basis rental (misuse and negligence).

  35. No other compensation will be paid, irrespective of any loss of earnings in any of the above scenarios. No refunds of any money's will be paid back to you in the event of you cancelling your events at the last minute. We try to keep customers happy so if in case this happens we will try to give more time at the end of event so long as the day light allows us.

  36. It is the Hire responsibility to read these terms and conditions. we will assume the hirer has read and understood the T&C's as INVOICE emails are sent.

  37. If the equipment is retained beyond the agreed hire period or if the equipment is returned incomplete, any deposits held by INSPIRE PARTY HIRE will not be returned the hirer will be subject to additional hire charges fully invoiced with damages and costs breakdown.

  38. The hirer agrees to pay INSPIRE PARTY HIRE the full replacement costs of any equipment that is damaged and beyond repair.

  39. It’s in the customers best interest to sign our hire agreement if not you lose the right to any compensation and may be held responsible from the loss of equipment or damage of equipment

  40. INSPIRE PARTY HIRE staff has a zero tolerance policy for any forms of abuse. (ie abusive language, racial abuse, physical assault, threatening, behavior) INSPIRE PARTY HIRE reserves the right on who we hire our equipment to. Any sign of the above and we will withdraw the booking/ remove our equipment from the site.

  41. Drop off and Collections - the same company i.e. INSPIRE PARTY HIRE will be the same company who collect the equipment, we will be in uniform we will never send a third party to collect our equipment. You will be liable for loss and damages negligence if any of our hire  equipment has been lost or stolen from your venue/premises

Backdrop/Stage setup

cut off times is 11pm sharp to commence set down. from 11pm there will be a £30 charge each additional hour.

parking charge

Parking cost must be paid if the venue does not offer free onsite parking for the duration of our service and 1 hr setup and 1 hr set down

delivery charge

delivery within a 10 mile radius is free within the package price however if your area falls into the CONGESTION/ULEZ/DART CHARGE ZONES then the charge will be applies on top of your package

Customer/Venue must provide.

       2x Tables for our equipment

.      Power supply sockets


By proceeding with a booking from INSPIRE PARTY HIRE you Agree to the full terms and conditions stated above